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Relocation to Toronto

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Welcome to Toronto!

A fantastic place with an abundance of great neighborhoods, incredible food, world-class cultural events, and just about everything else you could hope for in Canada’s largest city!

Whether you are here for the long haul, or just spending some time getting to know us, you probably have a mountain of questions. Relocating to a new city, either permanently or on a short-term basis, can be an intimidating move. What are the areas of the city that best suits your lifestyle? How are you planning on getting to work? What communities offer the best educational support for your children? Without prior knowledge of your destination, the task can be overwhelming.

Why not let an expert save you time and alleviate your stress, by answering all of your questions for you. At Parris Concierge, we will make sure that all of your inquiries are met efficiently and with a great deal of consideration. We will even ask the questions you might have forgotten.

About us

The best relocations expert you could ask for, is not only someone who knows the city inside and out, but someone who understands the need for a personal touch.

Katherine Parris is head of Parris Concierge, and knows, first hand, the individuality of each request. As a personal concierge for many years, Katherine has taken the time to gather a vast array of dependable and reliable resources this city has to offer. Her attention to detail, professionalism, and outgoing nature, are some of the reasons why Katherine has garnered the highest of praise from her clients.

Working in every part of Toronto, and familiar with all of the essential services you will need to get started, Katherine and her associates will take care of every aspect of your move, leaving you to simply enjoy your new “home”.

Thank you for a consistent & exceptional
level of service.”
- M. Kostic, Reckitt Benckiser

Dealing with a new work environment is an adjustment period on its own, let alone adjusting to a new city. As an employer who has just hired an out of town candidate, or if you are transferring an existing employee to your head office in Toronto, you will want to make sure that the newest member to your team is secure in the knowledge that their choice to relocate was the right one.

Having a relocation service on hand can take away the stress of a disoriented staff, and allow you to help the latest addition to your business concentrate on the task at hand. With services specializing in planning the move, temporary personal care services, storage and other essential support, Parris Concierge can save you time, and save your employee’s time, and help you get back to business as usual.


Parris Concierge offers an abundance of services and resources to help you with the moving process. With affordable and comprehensive packages, tailor made to suit your needs and your lifestyle, we can ensure that every detail is met and coordinated with ease and efficiency. Consider Parris Concierge an essential part of your move!

Some of our services Include:

  • Utilities
    Have your phone, hydro, cable, and other services set up before you arrive!

  • Education
    Schools for your children, private or public, part time or full time post secondary school facilities, and even educational seminars for self or corporate learning.

  • Healthcare
    Learn where to get your O.H.I.P. card, find out about temporary insurance, dental or medical.

  • Employment and employment agencies
    If relocation includes a new job, we can help you search out the best employment agencies and potential job opportunities available.

  • Government services
    Passport offices, Department of Motor Vehicles, Consulates, Child Assistance, and a host of other available government support.

  • Immigration services
    Coming from outside the country offers a whole different set of challenges. Parris Concierge can aid you in finding the services that you require for all your immigration purposes.

  • Entertainment
    The newest shows, upcoming concerts, hottest restaurants, all the essentials for your entertainment in Toronto.

  • Legal
    Finding legal advice or services can be a tricky task. Parris Concierge can help find you a trusted legal advisor from our large resource department.

  • Moving Companies
    We can either find you a company or facilitate the move to Toronto with your movers.

  • Information on Neighborhoods
    Every community has its own life. Find out the latest news, happenings, and best stores in your new neighborhood.

  • Sports and Fitness
    Whether it be a private gym, public facilities, running trails, bicycle tennis clubs, etc. we can acquaint you with a variety of options available in the city for sports enthusiasts.

  • Storage
    Relocating often means temporarily living in smaller or a residence that is not permanent and therefore you need to put your personal items in storage. Let us help you find the most convenient and safe place to secure your belongings.

  • Tax information
    From property tax to plain old income tax services, we can help you learn all of the information when in comes to tax in Toronto.

  • Personal shopping
    Moving to a new city means changing all of your favorite stores. Let us show you the best places to shop to suit your style or let us do the shopping for you and save your valuable time.

  • Personal care services
    Dentistry, Hair Care, Esthetic services, and many other personal care facilities you need to look and feel your best. We have a wide range of professionals we recommend for the job!


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