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Experienced and capable
The President of Parris Concierge Services is Katherine Parris who works closely with Lena Arabian, Event Coordinator and all of the Parris Concierge team. Through consulting with her many clients, both individual and corporate, Parris identified a need for corporate concierge services. With the increased demand in this market over the past four years, Parris has focused on corporate concierge services as the main thrust of her business.

Concierge service is not new, but groundbreaking in respect to the clients who are now utilizing these services. In the past, personalized concierge services were available only to a select few. Today this field is one of the fastest growing in North America.

Leverage your time
In today's thriving economy and time-starved society, many people find it difficult to schedule day-to-day errands and maintain an active professional and personal life. Parris Concierge has positioned itself to assist in alleviating the pressures, burden and cost associated with these necessary tasks by offering a wide variety of services - everything from planning a cocktail party, to arranging an enjoyable outing for visiting guests. Parris Concierge understands the importance of time management and how it affects everyone from the high-powered executive to the college student. Why spend important time looking after tasks which can easily be handled by one of our trained consultants?

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Times have changed ...

And so have peoples’ needs. Quality time is an essential part of a comfortable, modern life-style, and Parris Concierge Services makes this easy to acquire. We have become a web of wonders in the city of Toronto. Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional service, and we take pride in doing just that. Click here for our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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